Living in a studio apartment is perhaps no one’s dream. But for the urban professional or studio, it may be nearly impossible to find a place that is both affordable and spacious. Luckily, we at Raghavendra Studio rooms  even the studio rooms are changed into comfortable and even stylish homes. 

The rooms featured through Raghavendra Studio rooms have only one room, and still manage to include space for sleeping, eating, cooking, and even entertaining. With a little bit of creativity and the right furniture, we have made it  possible to live comfortably in a studio.



Throughout the stay at Bangalore, though I had option to live in private houses, I chose to stay at Raghavendra Studio rooms. They are the most friendliest and the reliable people to live with. I recommend them for anybody who wants to stay in Bangalore for college or work.



This is my second year staying at Bangalore. The accommodation at Raghavendra Studio rooms is very comfortable and has excellent facilities. The staff here are very friendly, caring and willing to help. I will always recommend  Raghavendra Studio rooms for a pleasant and safe stay when in Bangalore.



Raghavendra Studio rooms is truly an oasis in a desert of Bangalore student accommodation. After viewing some awful places at ridiculous prices , we were amazed at the quality, cleanliness and price. Vinod was truly amazing. Helped us so much in moving ourselves .we are very happy now. 


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